#TuesdayTunesDay: New Song Roundup, 20 March 2018

TuesdayTunesDay 3/20/2018

A fresh crop of newly released songs for your listening pleasure – enjoy!

Dennis Ellsworth, “Caught in the Waves”

Dennis Ellsworth has released “Caught In The Waves,” the first single from his upcoming fifth solo album “Things Change,” out April 20 on his own Pyramid Scheme label. As demonstrated by the song’s dreamy, power-pop sound, “Things Change” more than lives up to its title in terms of Ellsworth’s newfound approach to songwriting and recording.

Most significantly, Ellsworth teamed up with Joel Plaskett, who assumed production duties and enlisted compadres Charles Austin (Superfriendz) and Dave Marsh (longtime drummer in Plaskett’s backing band the Emergency), to participate. The results on “Things Change” are a brilliant convergence of his irresistible songwriting chops with Plaskett and co.’s trademark vintage guitar-driven sound.

Visit Dennis Ellsworth’s website.

Preorder “Things Change” online. (It’s even available on cassette!)


Michael Kaeshammer, “She’s Gone”

Internationally acclaimed musician Michael Kaeshammer has toured the world showcasing his talents as a singer, songwriter, pianist & producer. A spellbinding artist, Kaeshammer’s performances and recordings are intimate and inviting affairs, whether in a small club, large theatre or on home stereo. On April 20th, Kaeshammer is set to release his 12th recording, and his first for esteemed label Linus Entertainment, aptly titled “Something New.”

Following closely on the heels of Kaeshammer’s critically acclaimed 2016 release No Filter, a recording that garnered him a Western Canadian Music Award, two Maple Blues Award nominations and a JUNO Award nomination, his new album “Something New” is a fresh musical adventure.  “She’s Gone,” the featured track from the album, features Jim Byrnes, Amos Garrett. and Chuck Leavell.

Visit Michael Kaeshammer’s website.

Preorder “Something New” on Amazon.


Dana Sipos, “Blue Ridge”

Dana Sipos shares “Blue Ridge,” the lead single from her forthcoming album, “Trick of the Light,” due out May 18, 2018 via Roaring Girl Records. For this new album, Sipos recorded with experimental producer Sandro Perri. The album features a breadth of Canadian talent including Mary Margaret O’Hara and violinist Jesse Zubot. Often drawing comparisons to Natalie Merchant, Gillian Welch, and Nick Drake, Sipos’ rhythmic fingerstyle guitar playing is textured and immersive and her true strength lies as a songwriter; shining a tenderly skewed light into the darkness and drawing the listener into the strange and mystical space occupied by the shadows. Leading a nomadic lifestyle, Sipos spends much of her time touring – whether it be via bicycle, train or canoe.

We first heard Dana’s breathtaking music during last summer’s Home County Festival in London, ON, and we’re eager for this new release.

Visit Dana Sipos’ website.


The Young Novelists, “Come Round Again”

For their new album, “in city & country,” the Toronto-based band The Young Novelists decided to travel out of the city and in to small-town Ontario in order to connect the two places. After years of firsthand experience combined with historical research, Graydon James and Laura Spink wrote over 30 songs inspired by a dozen Canadian towns. From that set, in city & country was born — a collection of ten songs that tell the universal stories of both parallels while highlighting the differences, similarities, and everything in-between. Set for a May 4, 2018 release, the new album features lead single “Come Round Again” – an upbeat, energy-packed track written about a Bonnie & Clyde-style heist in Halton Hills.

The 2017 Home County Festival also introduced us to The Young Novelists, and we’re terrifically excited for their new album!

Visit The Young Novelists’ website.


The Barra MacNeils, “Living the Dream”

The Barra MacNeils are touring this spring in support of their latest release, “On The Bright Side,” an awesome collection of everything their fans love. It’s an upbeat album, with fiddle tunes that you know will erupt into a flurry of step-dancing on stage. When Lucy sings the heart-wrenching Ribhinn Donn, whether or not you ‘have the Gaelic,’ be sure to have a tissue handy. You’ll need it! The recording and shows will also feature the first single from the release, the instantly catchy: Living the Dream.

The distinctive family harmonies; an array of rhythmic instruments weaving through and around various themes – some decidedly classical but then, suddenly, very traditional Cape Breton; the lads singing a cappella; a thoughtful solo gradually merging into a frenzied all-hands-on-deck medley… it exudes the passion and energy familiar to anyone who has ever experienced The Barra MacNeils stage show.

Visit The Barra MacNeils’ website.


The Lifers, “Sister”

Off the heels of receiving rave reviews of their first single “Front Door,” The Lifers have released their second single, “Sister.” “Sister” is about working with family and touring the country for the first time while suffering from anxiety. This song epitomizes Liv and Anita’s relationship, allowing listeners to learn about them musically, lyrically, and personally. Feelings of sadness, self-doubt, and fear of disappointment give way to self-honesty and forgiveness in this upbeat tune.

The Lifers, led by sisters Liv and Anita Cazzola, are an art-folk/rock collective from Guelph, Ontario. Their intertwined voices dynamically convey vulnerability and strength. Softly plucked strings, accordion swells, and lush cello and upright bass arrangements give way to rip-roaring drums, soaring melodies and overdriven frenetic strums. Their stories juxtapose tenderness and explosive energy, sometimes within a single breath. The Lifers explore notions of home, family and community, highlighting the beauty, vulnerability and power of nature, challenging both genre and audience.

The Lifers will be releasing their sophomore album, “Honey Suite,” on May 16, 2018. Their new material shows a significant development from “folk singer-songwriter” to a powerhouse art-folk/rock group and is more personal than ever, touching on themes of place, sisterhood, mental health, and environment.

Visit The Lifers’ website.


Rich Aucoin, “The Dream”

In support of his “Hold” EP (just released last week), Rich Aucoin shares a new track titled “The Dream” which saw its broadcast premiere this past week via The Strombo Show. Highlighted by dreamy synths and an insistent baseline, Aucoin comments:

“‘The Dream’ is a song about the contentment we can feel at an individual level when daydreaming or imagining a different world. It’s not about the achieving of making that world come to reality but looks at the various therapeutic benefits from such an endeavour. Whether it be imagining a time where you are not heartbroken, in an estrangement, or in conflict with the changes in your life, that power to picture yourself beyond the given moment is a useful tool for accepting the way things are and getting to that new spot, The Dream.”

Visit Rich Aucoin’s website.

Photo credits: Polina Teif (Dana Sipos), Jen Squires (Young Novelists), Nicolette Hoang (The Lifers), Scott Munn (Rich Aucoin)



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