#TuesdayTunesday: New Song/Video Roundup, 17 July 2018


Between one thing and another, we’ve let a fair number of new song and video submissions pile up in our inbox.  Here they are for you – so pull up a chair, put your feet up, sip the beverage of your choice, and enjoy some new music.

Shad – “The Fool Pt. 1 (Get It Got It Good)”

For his new album, polymath emcee Shad has vibrantly imagined and created an entirely new world. “A Short Story About A War” releases October 26 on Secret City Records. This concept album holds a mirror to our world – a provocative story told through disarmingly catchy songs that weaves through issues of migration, environment, politics and above all, the human spirit.

The first single “The Fool Pt.1 (Get it Got it Good)” is a master class in juxtaposition; a bouncy beat mixed with frenzy. Shad’s delivery is breathless – an effusive outpouring that borders on screams, cries and joy. The video for the track, unveiled today, was directed by Justin Broadbent and is an ode to Shad’s truthfulness.

Visit Shad’s website.


Velveteins – “All Night Baby”

“All Night Baby” and its new lyric video come from The Velveteins’ album “Slow Wave,” showcasing a lusher, modern approach to their brand of pop-sensible, rock and roll. Soaked in the bright psychedelia of the 1960’s and dipped in the indie rock explosion of the new millennium, their music can best be described as a bridge between the two.

Visit The Velveteins on Facebook.


Rob Dickson, “Water Rushing In”

“Water Rushing In” is from Rob Dickson’s new set of songs, written after his debut album was released in 2016. He changed his songwriting technique and a lot of his memories and experiences ended up influencing the new tracks. The track is a story/portrait of a character Rob came up with. It displays some of the impacts of colonialism and industrialization through this character.

Rob’s new album, “Looking Through Your Window,” will be released on 31 August 2018.

Visit Rob Dickson’s website.


Annie Bonsignore, “Fingerprints”

Critics’ darling, South African/Canadian singer/songwriter Annie Bonsignore, is back with her third studio album “Durban Girl,” including a new single “Fingerprints” — available now!

Following earlier releases — 2014’s “Shades of Red” and 2016’s “Be Careful What You Wish For” — “Durban Girl” serves up nine original tracks plus one cover, bringing to the forefront Bonsignore’s diverse influences, from Patsy Cline to Mozart, and infinite storytelling range.

Visit Annie Bonsignore’s website.


Wolf Willow, “Your Gladhanding”

Wolf Willow is an alt-country and western band from Regina that has just released a new video for “Your Gladhanding,” a tune off their 2018 record “Caribou Howl.” The video is roughly based off of the performance art piece, “The Artist Is Present,” and explores the idea of intimacy among members of the band.

Preview and buy “Caribou Howl” on Bandcamp.


Colour Film, “Open Road”

Hamilton, ON-based Colour Film has recently launched “Open Road,” a new single featuring Caroline Brooks of the Good Lovelies. The song was inspired by a bike ride he took with his wife and two young daughters in the countryside one evening. Says Colour Film, “At one point, they were up ahead of me a little ways and I caught a glimpse of them biking with a stretch of open trail curving off into the distance in front of them. I was struck by the idea of a person you love being an open road – taking you places inside yourself, opening possibilities, and shaping your path into the future. This thought and the mental snapshot of my family stuck with me, so I wrote the song the next day.”

Since 2006, Colour Film has released four albums and toured throughout North America and Europe, sharing the stage with acts such as Serena Ryder, Great Lake Swimmers, and Whitehorse and performing at festivals including North by Northeast, Canadian Music Week, JUNOfest, and Stukafest (Netherlands).

Visit Colour Film’s website.


Jane’s Party – “Acknowledgements” and “Surfing on a Sinewave” (featuring Leland Whitty of BADBADNOTGOOD)

When writing new material, says Jane’s Party, “We always aim to push the boundaries of what we have previously done as a band, and explore new aspects of our musical relationship. This is reflected in “Acknowledgements,” by the conscious decision to not have drums on the song. We knew that such a fundamental decision would force us all to get out of our old habits and comfort zones – “shuffle the deck” in a way.”

Coming up in music as jazz students, the group has always played and listened to instrumental music yet have somehow never made any themselves. The concept was a 60’s style approach to recording “Surfing on a Sinewave” – a one-day studio session with all four jamming together in a single room. Who better to inspire and guide them through the process than Leland Whitty of Badbadnotgood? His production work in the studio and throughout the mixing process made for an incredible learning experience.

Visit Jane’s Party’s website.


Danny Michel – “The Red Fox”

A few weeks ago, Danny Michel began the journey of releasing his new album, one song at a time over the course of the next few weeks and months. Last month, we saw “Born In The Wild,” a song Danny wrote for the brave kids of the #neveragain and #marchforourlives movement.

Today, Danny puts on his leather jacket and roller skates, slicks back his hair, and continues to jump the genre barrier (but not the shark) with the 50s ‘Doo-Wop’ inspired track, “The Red Fox.”

Visit Danny Michel’s website.

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