Video Vault: Summer-Fall Transitional Tunes

Video Vault October 2023

We’re cracking the combination once again to our secure video vault and airing some of these fabulous mini-movies that recently arrived fresh off the armored delivery truck. But are these songs for summer or new faves for the fall?  Go ahead and give them a whirl, and you be the judge.

Joel Plaskett, “Hey Moon (A Campfire Song)”

Sure, fall may be here and cooler temps may be a blessing, but some of summer’s most beloved moments are hard to let go – like being serenaded around a roaring campfire. Dartmouth, NS artist Joel Plasketts helps us deal with the seasonal transition with this latest release. “Sand isn’t great for a cassette recorder and microphone,” Joel jests, “But if you want the ‘Recorded on Magnetic Tape beside a Campfire on the Beach’ badge for your Scouts uniform, you gotta take the risk.”

Amelia Curran & Duane Andrews, “Dark River”

We recently shared a Ron Hynes cover from Tim Baker, and news of an upcoming tribute album to the popular late-NL folk troubadour – with Newfies Amelia Curran (vocals) and Duane Andrews (guitar) offering the second cut from this highly anticipated album. The duo opts to perform “Dark River,” a tune taken from Ron’s 2003 “Get Back Change” album – a fabulous choice that leaves Amelia’s alluring, smoky vocals overpowering your senses, cushioned by Duane’s pitch-perfect acoustic guitar.

Jessica Rhaye and the Ramshackle Parade, “Reaching Out To You”

Of all the summer jams that stopped me dead in my tracks when encountering the first listen, the track “I Feel Fine” from NB roots-Americana artist Jessica Rhaye was elevated head and shoulders above many of them. We’ve been eager to hear more from this talented ensemble, and they bring their A-game once more with this latest cut. “My grandmother was the inspiration for this song,” Jessica shares. “She was such a positive light in my life, and I think of her often. She passed away in 2011 at the age of 87.”

Leanne Hoffman, “Emily”

Long time GDW readers should be familiar with the music of Leanne Hoffman – the Halifax, NS artist that took home our 2019 Album of the Year honors with her stunning debut release. Having just shared her follow up album, “The Text Collector,” it is a pleasure to rediscover Leanne’s sound – and when learning of a potent piano ballad (I’m a sucker for them), this one very quickly earned many spins. Leanne has a few upcoming shows later this month in NS and PEI for all you lucky Maritimers…

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