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When M and I started this blog, we genuinely thought that (if we were lucky) a few members of our family might read it once in a while.  We’ve been astonished and gratified to find that there are actually a lot of people out there who share our love for Canadian music and who have read, shared, and enjoyed our work.

However, with growth comes the challenge of keeping up with the work and continuing to provide great content.  We’re therefore looking for some good writers with a passion for Canada’s superb music scene and a strong desire to support the work that Canadian musicians are doing.  Think you might be interested?  Read on.

Contributing Writers Required

As part of our continuing growth, we are looking to expand our writing team.

Candidates must have:

• A good grasp of English.
• A strong knowledge of one or more of the genres currently covered by Great Dark Wonder (folk/roots, pop, classical, jazz, blues).
• An interest in current music events and issues.
• A dedicated interest in writing.
• A positive outlook and genuine desire to help foster the work of Canadian musicians.
• A desire to help Great Dark Wonder continue to grow.
• The ability to produce content on a regular basis and adhere to deadlines.

As well as people willing to help with album and concert reviews, we are also looking for contributors who can offer fresh and unique content on a regular basis. If you have an idea and think it fits with Great Dark Wonder’s ethos, we want to hear from you.

Some things to know about us:

• We prefer to post positive, supportive articles about albums, concerts, and musicians.  We do not post negative reviews – if we don’t like something, we simply don’t post about it.  There are plenty of outlets available to provide critical pieces; we are music- and artist-focused first and foremost, and our primary mission is to share all the best things about Canadian music and musicians.
• We care not only about the music, but about musicians earning a sustainable living from their work.  ‘Free’ music may be free to you, but not to its creators.  If this is your viewpoint as well, you’ll fit in just fine with us.

What we can offer:

• The opportunity to write about forthcoming albums and EP’s.
• Interview established and emerging bands from around Canada.
• Be part of a nationally recognized online outlet.

What we unfortunately can’t offer:

• Income.  All roles (including ours) are unpaid.
• Fame and fortune.  For the latter, see above; as for the former, we can say that Canadian artists are among the most generous souls on the planet and they will appreciate your efforts on their behalf (as will we).

If you are interested in joining us, please e-mail Lesley with a cover letter and an album review of 300 – 325 words along with any additional info you feel will support your application.


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