GDW Musings: Lisa LeBlanc – Why You Wanna Leave, Runaway Queen?

Lisa LeBlanc, Why You Wanna Leave, Runaway Queen
L: I thought this was a great listen – quite an angry, passionate set of songs.  She definitely doesn’t hold back in expressing what she thinks.
M: Perfectly continues where her previous EP left off.  And additionally, a full English album (granted, two songs are in French) allows her to open herself to a much more diverse listener base.
L: Part of me wishes there were more banjo, but I’m so thrilled at the inclusion of baritone guitar (which I rarely see listed in song credits) that I can’t bring myself to complain.  She brings a diverse toolbox – electric guitar and mandolin as well as banjo – to this project.
M: She injects her humour into those “he’s a bad apple” songs to keep the uptempo and tongue-in-cheek delivery.  My personal fave, however, has to be the Motorhead cover.  It seems like perhaps she’s kicked this one around on the live scene for a while, but perhaps finally put it out in tribute for the passing of Lemmy.
L: I think my favorite – although it’s tough to pick just one – has to be ‘5748 km,’ largely because it reminds me of our own long-distance relationship and how it seemed so crazy and sensible all at the same time.
Summary: This is a great album, a very positive step forward from the previous EP (“Highways, Heartaches and Time Well Wasted”).  We hope to get the opportunity to hear this material live one of these days soon!
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