Listen to the New Single From Brodie Moniker, “Punching Bag”

Brodie Moniker

Regina-based Brodie Moniker, a fifteen-year veteran of Saskatchewan’s music scene, has released “Punching Bag,” the second single from his upcoming album “Nowhere Left to Ghost.”

Polite, honest and aggressive, Moniker puts his entire being into every song, challenging listeners’ presumed ideas of modern rock, reminiscent of past and present sound masters with Frank Zappa arrangements, Brian Eno production, Nick Drake tone, Jack White blues, Trent Reznor edge and Gordie Johnson style.

While guitar is his true tonal voice, there is an ease in his arrangements for all instruments, every part having its distinct natural voice while seamlessly blending within the entire composition.  His production is sharp and clever with an impressively diverse tonal palate.  Moniker’s musical and lyrical lines are subtly placed and wonderfully arranged, layered but never overdone, huge and quiet, fixed and exploring, catchy and cerebral.

Accompanied by Drake Mark (Lords Kitchner) on drums and Steve Leidal (Johnny 2 Fingers) on bass, Moniker is touring Midwestern Canada preparing the roads, Oregon Trail style, for his upcoming debut album tour.

Listen to “Punching Bag” below – and watch GDW for an interview with Brodie, coming soon!

Photo credit: Jeff Sawatsky

Visit Brodie Moniker’s website.

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