Musings: The Jerry Cans, “Inuusiq/Life”

Thank heaven for CBC – I can honestly say that I would probably not have so many of the things I’ve enjoyed most in life (Montréal Canadiens hockey, Canadian music in general, just to name two) without it.

CBC featured “Inuusiq/Life,” the new album by The Jerry Cans, as part of their monthly featured streaming.  I cranked it up during work one day and was immediately hooked.  Their infectious mix of folk instrumentation, Inuit throat singing, and upbeat tunes had me dancing in my chair right away.

Even though I can’t understand most of the lyrics, this is yet another example of music being such a universal language that speaking the language isn’t completely necessary.  (I sometimes get frustrated with Americans who don’t give non-English-language music a chance simply because they can’t figure out the words.)

I’ve already recommended this album to one of my work colleagues (who was actively looking for music in other languages to share with his children) and I would suggest it to anyone who wants a fun, up-tempo set of tunes.  Hopefully our travels and the group’s touring schedule intersect at some point because I’m willing to bet they are terrific live.

~ L

Visit The Jerry Cans’ website.

For American readers, their album is available from Amazon US.  For Canadians, the album is available from

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