“Panorama High”: New Single From Dennis Ellsworth & Kinley Dowling

Dennis Ellsworth & Kinley Dowling

Prince Edward Island-based singers Dennis Ellsworth and Kinley Dowling have teamed up on a new album, “Everyone Needs to Chill Out,” and have just released the project’s first single, “Panorama High.” Listen to this great new song below:

The pair have a long history collaborating and working together, performing as a duo, and playing together on recordings for more than seven years.

“Everyone Needs to Chill Out” is their first true collaborative effort after so many years working together on stage and in the studio. In late March 2017, they travelled to Toronto to record this album with friend, Aaron Comeau. The result is a beautifully mellow and lush recording that features ten songs, written or co-written by Dennis Ellsworth and Kinley Dowling.

Visit Dennis Ellsworth’s website.

Visit Kinley Dowling’s website.

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