“Wait”: New Single From The Cedar Sisters

The Cedar Sisters

Readers of this site may recall our feature some time back about London-based The Marrieds.  Recently, Jane Carmichael (half of that terrific duo) has partnered with Elle Hermansen to form The Cedar Sisters.

The Cedar Sisters have used their similarities and their differences to create a sound that they affectionately refer to as “electro-folk pop”– the perfect marriage of Carmichael’s folk sensibility and Hermansen’s electronic vibe. Their music is haunting, atmospheric, and emotionally intense. It also has a distinct 80s pop overtone inspired by artists like Stevie Nicks, Kate Bush, First Aid Kit, and the Traveling Wilburys.

The Cedar Sisters released their first single, “Wait,” in May of 2017.  It’s a dark and moving track about a dying relationship. Like all of their songs, it’s also a deeply honest expression of personal experience. Watch the video below:

The Cedar Sisters are currently writing and recording more new songs with the goal of releasing their debut EP later this year.

Photo credit: Monique Wiendels

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