Pre-Release Album Stream: Dennis Ellsworth, “Things Change”

Dennis Ellsworth - Things Change

In 2017, Dennis Ellsworth needed to make a new album. And it was an emergency.

So, who better to call for assistance than Joel Plaskett, leader of The Emergency, to participate? The result is Ellsworth’s fifth solo LP, “Things Change,” a brilliant convergence of his irresistible power pop songwriting chops with Plaskett and co.’s trademark vintage guitar-driven sound.

After two decades of making music in various incarnations, Ellsworth chalks up what he’s accomplished on “Things Change” in large part to simply being older and wiser. “For years I wrote dark, smooth, romantic alt-country-ish type songs,” he says. “I don’t know how I ever got there but I stuck with it for a while. I love those records, but I knew it was time I switched things up just to keep myself interested.”

Now, you can hear the album online right here on Great Dark Wonder – trust us, this is a splendid collection of songs that represents some of Dennis Ellsworth’s best writing (and yes, for you Plaskett fans, you’ll definitely recognize his touches throughout).  Enjoy the pre-release stream now, and then pre-order the album online.

Visit Dennis Ellsworth’s website.

This pre-release stream has ended. However, you can now hear the album on Spotify – but please consider buying it too!

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