Review: Lydia Persaud, “Let Me Show You”

Lydia Persaud - Let Me Show You

We’ve been writing this site long enough now that we’ve had the great good fortune to see the tremendous development of a number of artists.  One such performer that we’ve been watching for a while now is Lydia Persaud, whose debut EP was a strong hint of great things to come.  We’ve heard her live a couple of times since that project’s release, and have marveled anew at her powerful and gorgeous voice, as well as the growth of her songwriting.

The release of her first full-length album, “Let Me Show You,” is another milestone for this terrifically talented young artist.  Long-time readers will know of my undying love for the musical styles of the 1970s, and this album brings those back in spades… the soulful rhythms, the deft touches of string arrangements, and of course Lydia’s voice, by turn poignant, passionate, and pleading.

Some highlights for me include “No Answer,” an especially timely reflection on the difficulty our society has in countering hate and fear; “More of Me,” a musing on the challenges of committing oneself wholly to a relationship; “With You,” which allows Lydia’s voice to shine over a spare fingerstyle arrangement on ukulele; and “Honey Child,” which we first heard at last summer’s Sawdust City Music Festival and which is even more terrific with a full band behind it.  (The excellent “Low Light,” the title track from the EP, also makes an appearance on this project.)

Listening to this album, I’m even more convinced that Lydia has a bright future ahead of her – and she’s already made a great beginning with this wonderful, wonderful project.  Highly recommended.

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