Review: Schwey, “Schwey”


Wearing influences such as Prince and D’Angelo on their sleeves, Schewy have created a schweet and groovy self-titled debut album.

There’s something magical about a song that makes you want to dance. Where every blood cell in your body seems to be pulsing with the beat.  It’s organic. It’s difficult to describe a groove but, you know it when you like it.

Jacob Schwinghammer and Isaiah Dobbs seem to enjoy these songs as much as this listener. Enthusiasm is very difficult to put record on tape but, the performances from Schwey are engaging and genuinely absorbing. The production is bright, colorful and funky. Funky. Let me say it again…FUNKY!   Instrumentation and recording on this record seems to be done with delicate precision and care. I’d dare to say timeless even.  Sonically speaking this could have come out in the 70’s, 80’s, 90’s, 00’s, or last week – and wouldn’t sound out of place. The band were correct when quoted saying the record “showcases the power of love, friendship, and the benefits of groove.”

Coming in at a total of 30 minutes, these 10 songs never lose interest.  They’re as economical with your time as they are evangelical with their grooves. Should the album ever get a vinyl release, I’ll be shouting at them to take my money.  For now, it’s available on CD and your favorite streaming service.  Here’s a sampling of my favorite cuts:

Can’t Stop (The Groove): Dig it. Seriously. So damn capital f – Funky!

Elasto – Artemis:   A laid back and sultry tune. A showcase for flange-guitar and the vocals harmonies on top of each other “makes me like you”.. makes me like this song.

Our Rhythm: “I just wanna dance with you”.  Sexy. Simple. Danceable. Syncopated beats and finger snaps abound.

Family Shop: Simple synth riffs are propelled by a colossal, snappy snare and enthusiastic vocals.

You can catch Schwey live on these dates:

April 27, 2019
Squamish, BC | Quest University (Dancing Bear Festival)

May 3, 2019
Victoria, BC | Lucky Bar

Visit Schwey’s website.

A bit of a Renaissance man, Steve Murphy is a singer-songwriter, author, and journalist based out of London, Ontario. An avid vinyl collector and audiophile, his personal collection of albums is wide ranging and in the thousands, including four released from his band Westminster Park.

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