See the Latest Video From Pat Maloney, “The Gypsies and I”

Pat Maloney

Hamilton-based songwriter Pat Maloney has recently released the video for “The Gypsies and I,” a song from his latest album “RIGHTHERE.”

Of the song, Maloney says, “The Gypsies and I was written in the toilet at the Traveller’s Inn, in Earl Shilton, Leicester, England while on tour with a XXX hypnotist. The gypsies had rolled in to the motorway town to sell drugs and intimidate the townsfolk. I was sort of stuck in the middle of the shenanigans because we were staying at the Inn for a few weeks, cashing in our hotel buyouts and calling the discount hotel home for the duration of the tour. It was like twelve pounds a night or something crazy like that. The room next to mine caught on fire in the middle of the night. No alarm went off. But hey, the staff let me use the kitchen to make noodles and toast and whatnot. It was the kind of place where it seemed like nobody was in charge, and so the gypsies took the place over. I did that tour seven times, and the gypsies would arrive in their caravans every time. It was a real home away from home.”

Pat Maloney is a Canadian songwriter, a storyteller, and a serious whistler. He’s a concerned citizen, with a busted acoustic guitar and a fake bass drum. He’s a too-tall, Ottawa ex-pat, singing songs as meaningful as he can muster, with a healthy, self-defaming sense of humor.

Since Fall of 2013 Pat has performed more than 600 times in 4 different countries. Lengthy tours of the United Kingdom during University “Freshers” and “Refreshers” seasons have galvanized his efforts as a hard-working, self-made artist. Pat is an award-winning favorite in the Canadian campus market.

Watch the video here:

Photo credit: Kyle McGurk

Visit Pat Maloney’s website.

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