Single Release: Bywater Call, “Roll”

Bywater Call - "Roll"

Not that we need any excuse to feature new music from this fabulous seven-piece Toronto based southern soul, roots rock band – but having learned just last weekend that the band are bringing their live show to one of our favorite venues down here in GDW’s corner of the world, let’s just say that Bywater Call’s latest single “Roll” quickly jumped to the top of our new music playlist. 

Founded back in 2017 by vocalist Meghan Parnell and blues guitarist Dave Barnes, this duo (and subsequent full band) stayed under our radar for several years – at least until the summer of 2022, when we caught them in concert at Home County Music and Art Festival in London, ON. The band may have performed an hour of music that night, but we were sold perhaps just twenty seconds in – tops – and quickly picked up an advance copy of their “Remain” album from Meghan and Dave directly after the show. 

Bywater Call - "Roll"

For any fan of this genre, “Remain” is an outstanding album that deserves a place in your record collection. I stand firmly behind the statement I made when reviewing the album for GDW: “Remain was released in September and remains possibly the finest and most potent soul-blues album I’ve had the pleasure to review, period!”  But wait – there’s more – “Remain” also earned a spot in my Top 4 Canadian Albums list for 2022, with another statement that still holds true: “This Toronto band crash landed on our radar earlier this year with their potent fusion of rock, soul and blues. Bywater Call epitomize the notion that when you’re this good, don’t expect to stay unnoticed.”   

While I am reluctant to brag with an “I told you so” statement, Bywater Call are a band on fire right now, with plenty of success both here in North America and internationally too. They truly are going all-out ‘pedal to the metal’ – currently on a spring tour in Europe (April 18-May 26), the band are burning plenty of calories with just seven non-performing days during this overseas road trip that takes them through several countries, including Sweden, Germany and Spain. Following up with some North American dates this summer, and then trekking back across the Atlantic to the UK later this year, ‘hot’ is an understatement. 

Bywater Call

And despite such a hectic tour schedule, Bywater Call still miraculously find time to write, record, and share new music, with the arrival of “Roll,” their second single this year that follows their March release “Holler” (both shall appear on their forthcoming third studio album, “Shepherd,” set for release in August). “Roll” was recorded and mixed by the band’s drummer Bruce McCarthy at his studio, The Beatfarm in Toronto. “This song, through the stories of three ordinary people, speaks to curve balls thrown at us all in the game of life,” Meghan shares. “The lesson: you have to hold your head up and just keep moving forward.” 

Another timeless tune from Parnell, Barnes, and co., and one so aptly titled – Bywater Call are certainly on a roll right now, and thankfully show no signs whatsoever of slowing down anytime soon. When their tour bus rolls into northern MD this summer, Team GDW shall be there to greet them with open arms and savor their music once more. 

Photo Credits: Erin Cosentino / Warren Bodnaruk 

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