Video Vault: Mini Movie Marathon

Video Vault April 2024

Things were so hectic here last month at GDW HQ that we had no space for our regular Video Vault feature. Checking on the status of the safe recently, we found it overflowing wildly – almost like a Blockbuster or Red Box late return penalty amnesty, given the sheer volume of the contents. Sticking to our regular game plan and sharing just four clips will not cut it today, so we’re going to purge and bring you TEN! Count ‘em – TEN! Just like a trip to the multiplex theater, you have plenty of screening choices. Tickets to our mini movies are always complimentary, so enjoy as many as you wish, and rest assured that we’ll have plenty more to share again soon.  

Leaf Rapids, “Silver Fillings”

After being wowed by “Starling to a Starling,” the first single release of the year from Winnipeg, MB JUNO-Award winning folk-roots band Leaf Rapids, it was a no-brainer when it came to sharing this latest offering. “This song is about war, world peace, dentistry, and time-travelling radio transmissions,” vocalist Keri Latimer shares. “There have been claims from various people that they can sometimes pick up radio frequencies with their silver teeth fillings…a lot of us DO have mouths full of metal.” 

The Wesleys, “A Lot To Lose” 

One of the best things about music blogging is the sensation of discovering something new and exciting – like finding this debut single from emerging Montréal, QC garage pop band The Wesleys. Bursting from the speakers with plenty of power pop, indie and alternative sounds, here we have a band that will appeal to fans of The Pixies, Teenage Fanclub and The Replacements. Naturally, the Brit in me is hearing hints of both The Kinks and some 90s era Britpop, which is a sure-fire winner in my book. 

Luc LeMans, “Rentmaker” 

Now that thoughts of Britpop are floating in my head, the timely arrival of this latest single from Vancouver, BC based musician Luc LeMans is another jangly-pop delight that oozes hints of The La’s and Crowded House in those opening riffs alone. Luc shares that he modelled “Rentmaker” after the pop sounds of household names such as The Bangles, The Cure, and early Beatles albums. The result here is a sun-soaked, feel-good, retro throwback that evokes the nostalgia of that classic pop music era.  

Julie Title, “Running” 

This release from Toronto folk-pop artist Julie Title first came to my attention when blasting from my car speakers during an office commute. Filling the air with Woodstock era vibes and bursts of vintage organ, then following with indie-rock guitar cues and a little Motown inspiration, “Running” will literally leave you breathless. Produced by Aaron Goldstein (who also provides those organ keys and guitar rings), Julie finds herself rapidly climbing our list of names to catch live in concert. 

Susan Wolf, “Into Your Arms” 

There are no rules etched in stone that we share only Canadian content here at GDW, so when a search engine result presented this ‘recommended based on your viewing’ music video out of Denmark, we were intrigued. Having not covered a Denmark-based artist before – perhaps only making a mention of Stephen Fearing’s occasional backing band, The Sentimentals – this melancholy-Americana tune from Susan Wolf (and her two Vikings) is quite possibly one of the most moving tunes heard all year.  

Coleman Hell, “Joyride” 

Stumbling across this recent offering from Thunder Bay, ON alt-pop-rocker Coleman Hell sure put smiles on our faces. Recalling the impact of his debut “2 Heads” single back in late 2015 – and how we spun that one non-stop in our pre-GDW days – we are suddenly aware of the sheer volume of Coleman’s releases that we need to reacquaint ourselves with. “Joyride is really special to me,” Coleman shared recently. “And it’s about someone really special too.” 

Brett Matthews, “Tomorrow” 

Emerging Cape Breton, NS country-soul artist Brett Matthews is very quickly making a name for himself. We were first introduced to Brett’s music at the Tall Pines Music and Arts Festival last summer (with Classified), and featured Brett’s debut single “If I Die Today” as our final 2023 Wednesday video feature. Brett returns with “Tomorrow,” and once again dazzles with his poignant message of resilience, to push on, to fight to hold on, and to find and offer help for those who need it the most. 

Mel Parsons, “Little Sadness” 

If you’re looking for a hotbed of great music outside of North America, may we suggest seeking out the New Zealand town of Lyttelton – the home of amazing folk-roots artists such as Mel Parsons and Delaney Davidson (both GDW faves, discovered thanks to ‘The Brokenwood Mysteries’ TV show). With news of a new album coming later this year, Mel just shared this stunning, somber, moody slow-burner – and the accompanying black and white imagery perfectly captures the essence of the song.  

Rachel Croft, “Pacify Me” 

While we are jet-setting with these international artists, why not make a quick stop in the UK to check out this latest clip from London-based alt-rocker Rachel Croft. “It took me almost a year of exploring, reassessing, learning and growing to make my next single,” Rachel offers. “Pacify Me is about the fight to free oneself from the hands of exterior influence crushing you into predefined shapes, especially as a woman in the music industry.” Detecting some strong Joan Smith influences here – say no more!  

Ellorie McKnight, “Trivial” 

Having hopped all over the globe with this installment of Video Vault, our journey winds up in the far corner of Canada to check in with Whitehorse, YT folk-country artist Ellorie McKnight. The performance of “Trivial” – a track from her upcoming “Equinox” EP – was recorded in front of a live audience on a warm night earlier this year, with studio doors swung open and late-day sunshine streaming in through the forest of spruce trees. Sounds like a perfect closing movie to me. 

The British guy that crossed the ocean and crash landed in central Pennsylvania (to quote Greg Keelor, “And I wonder what am I doing here?”). As the youngest of four siblings, exposure to music from a very early age nurtured my passion and appreciation for many musical genres. Continuing to discover some amazingly diverse and talented musicians based in Canada, I gravitate to live music experiences and remain devoted to spreading the word about such a vibrant music scene.

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