Single Release: Dillon Ryan & the Dream Romantic, “So Lovely”

Dillon Ryan & The Dream Romantic

No matter how crazy things have been here on Planet Earth over the last few months, judging by the high volume of emails and messages arriving daily at Team GDW, there is fortunately no shortage of great new independent music releases during these dark times. We recently heard from Dillon Ryan & The Dream Romantic, a post-punk band from Moncton, NB, who intrigued us when describing their music as a marriage of dreamy pop melodies and introspective lyrics with a gothic rock sound.  Offering their latest single, “So Lovely,” both Steve and Martin were keen to give this tune a spin and share their thoughts.

“East coasters Dillon Ryan & The Dream Romantic release a wonderful throwback to 80’s style and sensibilities.” 

This recently released single, “So Lovely,” is perfect to get you in the mood for spring.  The bands’ blossoming third digital single has bright, shimmering production to match the dreamy pop tune.  It would fit perfectly into The Breakfast Club’s new wave soundtrack.  Dillon’s voice has a tone and slightly British inflection, which along with the songwriting craftsmanship displayed in the tune, reminds me of Robyn Hitchcock.  Hopefully Dillon and the group have more songs up their sleeves. Can’t wait for the next one!

  • Steve

“Peppy guitar riffs and 80s synth-sounds perfectly recapture the time when New Wave music dominated the musical landscape.”

Love it or hate it, New Wave music has impacted many of us at various times in our lives.  From early pioneers like Blondie and Elvis Costello, to game changers like Depeche Mode and The Cure, the shift from the swirling fusion of gloomy post-punk to synth-driven melodic guitar rock birthed a genre that lives infamously amongst us all.  The resurgence of this genre has been redefined by artists such as Dear Rouge and Alvvays, finding international success with these synth-laced sounds.  With “So Lovely,” Moncton, NB, artist Dillon Ryan (guitar/vocals) demonstrates not only being a huge fan of this music, but is equally talented with his own interpretation of the sound; one that harkens back to those 80s legends.  Teaming up with Julie Doucette (keyboards), David Gregory (bass) and Alec Victor (drums), the band are introducing New Wave music, and their own personal influences (The Smiths, New Order, Echo and the Bunnymen) to a welcoming new generation of fans.  Do yourselves a favor and give them a listen – earn the right to tell your friends, “I told you so,” when Dillon Ryan and the Dream Romantic become a household name.

  • Martin

Preview and buy “So Lovely” on Bandcamp.

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