Single Release: Fool’s Union, “America”

Fool’s Union, “America”

Today, the United States still retains a magnetic, magical pull strong enough to lure generations of people towards its shoreline. Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses, yearning to breathe free.  Those adventurous souls willing to take the trip do so with aspirations aplenty of building a brighter, more beautiful tomorrow for themselves like those that have trodden by so many before them.

Part fact, part fiction, the mythologizing of this land of the free has become woven into the cultural fabric of the western world like no other country on earth, and it’s a pathway that Hamilton, ON rockers Fool’s Union are keen to follow, as evidenced with this new release that dropped back on January 27th. Titled after the fabled land, the band describe “America” as a love letter to the country where bands travel with the dream of making it big and to fulfill their musical destiny.

Fool’s Union

With those goals forefront, previous pilgrimages across the border to their south have resulted Fool’s Union playing stages in New York City’s Bowery district, recording videos in Times Square, rocking out in Cleveland, and soaking up the sun in San Diego – experiences they describe as consistently magical. Given their lofty ambitions, together with the song title, it’s hardly surprising that the track has an athematic emboldened quality, combining guitarist Jon Daly’s classic riff-rock sound with their own Oasis-style, stomp-inspired Brit rock. The sun-drenched Beach Boys-esque harmonies, courtesy of vocalist/guitarist Nick Cino and drummer Adam Cannon, weave nicely over Dave Marini’s compulsive bass lines.

Whether fame or fortune awaits – remaining in the balance – talent needs its fair share of good luck, and many of those who have undertaken a similar journey inevitably have fallen by the wayside, but perhaps that’s not the point. Destination, after all, can only arrive from those willing to travel in the first place, and the road ahead sounds like a trip in itself.  Based on this band’s willingness to spread their wings, I have my fingers crossed for them, and wish them every success.

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