Single Release: Julian Taylor, “Georgia Moon”

Julian Taylor - "Georgia Moon"

We had the pleasure of welcoming Toronto, ON troubadour Julian Taylor to (almost) our part of the US back in May – catching a show in historic Alexandria, VA at Concerts at The Sevareid House. Just prior to that particular small tour, Julian made an announcement via his social media pages about starting work on an upcoming album, one that shall bring together many tunes from across his long and storied musical career.

“I’m working on an album called The Anthology because I’ve been around and recorded songs for over 25 years,” he shared on that given evening. “I can’t even tell you how many songs I have, probably about 170 have actually been published into the world.” Thanks to Julian’s most recent pair of critically acclaimed folk-roots albums, there is likely enough material there to satisfy casual fans only now discovering his pandemic-era offerings – but for those of us who crave plenty of the rock/soul/funk from the previous decade and beyond, narrowing down those choices for a compilation becomes quite a challenge.

Julian Taylor

“Georgia Moon” is the first reimagined track to be featured on this new album, a song Julian composed back during his late teens with his first band Staggered Crossing. “This is one of the first songs that I wrote when I was still in high school and my band was starting to do some shows in and around the city,” he recalls. “I remember really focusing on writing this song from a third person point of view and trying to convey a tale that took place in a sort of wild west modern romantic era.”

“Even though the song is very dark it doesn’t come off that way. It tells the tale of a bandit and someone chasing him across the eastern seaboard,” Julian adds. “It was never officially recorded and as I reflect on much of my work it felt like the right time to go back into the studio and finally nail it down.”

We were privy to a solo-acoustic performance of “Georgia Moon” during Julian’s evening in VA – a tune we had never encountered before – and one promptly captured on film (with a commitment made to Julian that we would share only once the single was officially released). It is our pleasure to finally share this exclusive video here today, and we are eager to discover future tracks that are shortlisted for “Anthology Collection,” which is scheduled for release this coming October.

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