Single Release: Major Love, “Making The Most Of It”

Major Love, “Making The Most Of It”

In any given moment, there may seem to be a million things to do, but what to choose – if any of them? The new single from Major Love, “Making the Most of It,” whimsically ponders this question and the band has a great time doing so.

Lead vocalist Colleen Brown exuberantly kicks off this driving tune with the title line, then paints the relatable picture of the quandary of what to do with the multitude of options that each new day presents. “Today I made some pancakes and I went out for a walk / I listened to the news, but I hated how they talk,” she begins, then notes there’s “Nothing on my to-do list that I want to check off.” Rather than being paralyzed by the choices to be made, she finds her resolution, declared with the enthusiastic backing of her bandmates: “Making the most of it / When I feel like it.”

Major Love

There are 600 courses now / That are offered up for free / And I want to take them all / But I’ll wait and I’ll just see,” Colleen continues, as the guitars, bass, and drums propel the listener along on this musical adventure, before arriving at a bridge delightfully reminiscent of the title song from the film “That Thing You Do!” There, Brown names off a litany of other ways she could spend her day: washing dishes, changing clothes, starting on the list of a hundred TV shows to watch, or cutting her hair and concluding with Brown contemplating, “Will I write another record about how the world implodes?

This is a song that ponders a mundane scenario and spins something genuinely fun from it. With this new effort, Major Love is bringing a rollicking good time.

Photo Credit: Ryan Parker

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