Single Release: Northern Quarter Band, “Fighting For You”

Northern Quarter - Fighting for You

Following their successful 2018 debut EP, “Cold Dark Night,” Canmore, AB, quartet Northern Quarter Band release a brand new single today, and announce a second EP to be released in 2020.  Titled “Fighting For You,” this is an incredibly up-tempo number that is just perfect for dealing with the Monday blues.  Composed by lead vocalist Kerry Hunter, this is a track written about defiance, about standing up for your beliefs, no matter how stacked the odds are against you. Joined by Carlos Nadeau (guitars), Wendy Crewe (bass) and Dave Crewe (percussion), Northern Quarter Band are sharing a positive song about overcoming those odds in the face of adversity,

Commencing with a volley of drum rolls, the unexpected addition of a Hammond organ brings an extra dimension to the band’s sound, courtesy of guest instrumentalist Geoff Hilhorst (The Deep Dark Woods). “We knew this song needed keys and we’re thrilled with what Geoff provides,” offers Dave. “We’re very excited, as it’s quite different to our earlier work, but we like to keep things eclectic.”  Having lured you with the sweet soul grooves that follow (eclectic indeed, for an indie folk-pop band), nothing can prepare you for the astonishing sultry vocals that Kerry delivers this time around.  “The sonic approach was to be lounge-like, but with a Motown feels,” Dave adds. “We definitely wanted an old school vibe, but with a modern outlook.”

Of course, this is not the first time I have been rendered speechless by Kerry’s stunning voice.  As instrumentally talented as this band happens to be, the bonus of a gifted and powerful vocalist at center stage is going to warrant attention.  Just a few spins of this single had me revisiting the debut EP, where I found similarities in “Don’t Leave My Side,” the same expressive delivery and passion, although sans the toe-tapping nature of “Fighting For You.”  Returning to the more eclectic approach, the band sensed that this track could hint of a new musical direction during the early stages.  “Normally we would have Kerry record a song with vocals and acoustic guitar, and then I would write things around it,” Dave explains.  “But this time, Kerry started playing it during rehearsals and we all joined in.  The first draft recording of that contains a lot of the elements that made it into this final version. This spontaneity has inspired us to try this approach more often.”  If we can expect more new tunes like this, here at Team GDW, we cannot wait for the next EP from Northern Quarter Band.

Visit Northern Quarter’s website.

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