Single Release: The Redhill Valleys, “Steady The Wheel”

The Redhill Valleys, “Steady The Wheel”

Nothing is certain except death and taxes.” I’m sure many of us are familiar with Benjamin Franklin’s famous quote made back in 1789, one that has stood up well against the test of time. But let’s face it, if Benjamin were alive and well here in the 21st century, I’m sure he’d be open to a third certainty, rewritten as: “Nothing is certain except death and taxes, oh, and if The Redhill Valleys release a new tune, those folks at Great Dark Wonder are gonna jump all over it.”  Perfectly acceptable, in my humble opinion, and has a nice ring to it, don’t you think?

We’ve been happy to ride shotgun with this Hamilton, ON-based Americana band for several years now, watching them emerge from their blue-collar city roots and blossom into a legitimate musical force at the international level. For Tim Allard (guitar/vocals), Danielle Beaudin (guitar/vocals), Chelsea McWilliams (bass/vocals) and Matt Soliveri (percussion), 2023 has been a monumental year after signing their first major record deal (with MDM Recordings Inc.) – releasing their genre-blending single “Long Way Back” as part of that announcement, and hitting the road over the summer months for shows and festival appearances – with plenty more to follow.

The Redhill Valleys

Last Friday, The Redhill Valleys released “Steady The Wheel,” their second single via MDM, and one that once again demonstrates the dedication to their craft with melodic guitar riffs and commanding harmonies. “Steady The Wheel takes you on a journey down an endless open road with a couple who, despite hitting some hard times, find solace in the love that they have for each other,” the band shares. “The song explores the topic of mental health and the challenges that it can impose on a relationship, emphasizing the importance of seeking help when you feel like you’re losing control. As the miles stretch ahead, their bond strengthens, knowing that together they can navigate through life’s winding path.”

We last caught up with the band when making their debut appearance at Tall Pines Music and Arts Festival back in June, and were privy to a ‘road-test’ performance of this tune during a brief, electrifying main stage set. Displaying some unbelievable energy, here were four musicians taking every advantage of the spotlight and opportunity to showcase their talents. Thoughts of the late, great Canadian musician John Mann sprung to mind, as his immortal words “I need home for a rest” suddenly resonated – only to be quashed due to being contradictory of what this band were doing. The Redhill Valleys have only one speed right now – full throttle – refusing to ease off the gas pedal, tearing off the rear-view mirror, and focusing solely on the road ahead. Sorry John, if we’re going to keep riding shotgun, none of us have time for a rest.

Team GDW captured raw footage of “Steady The Wheel” during that festival performance, and have kept the clip under secure lock and key – until now. Be sure to check it out and enjoy the latest tune from this outstanding ensemble.

Photo Credit: Andrea Hunter / artist website

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