Snappy Singles: Spring Jams To Kick Off The New Season

Snappy Singles March 2021

March is here, and with it the infamous anniversary of when life as we know it came crashing down for most of us just twelve months ago.  But fortunately, like a true friend, good music never abandoned us, never let us down, and kept us all going through these tumultuous times.  With the arrival of spring comes yet more amazing new tunes.  An abundance of new tunes, in fact, which once again made the process of choosing just four an almost impossible mission.  So, now that we’ve done all of the hard work for you, go ahead and take five, and enjoy these hand-picked spring jams.

Further The Lion, “It’s So Good”

We kick off our March round up with some good old-fashioned rock and roll music, courtesy of Hamilton, ON trio, Further The Lion.  Originally formed back in 2007, high school friends Brent Etherden (vocals/bass), Jordan Kopoian (guitar) and Greg Kopoian (drums) have since performed across Canada, sharing stages with artists like k-os and Yukon Blonde.  Released just last month, “It’s So Good” is the first single from the band since their 2016 debut EP, and has a feel-good vibe that sets the mood for their forthcoming EP, “All For You.”  “You know that feeling deep down, when you recognize something is good? You thought you felt it before, but now you’re truly experiencing it,” the trio share. “Without a doubt, what you knew all along was right – this person is made for you.” Offering empowering riffs and poetic lyrics, the single (and EP) is inspired by past relationships and signifying hope after tough times.  “It’s So Good is not about how many times you fall,” adds the band. “It’s about getting up and succeeding in spite of the bullshit.” 

Maude Audet, “Smells Like Teen Spirit”

We feature a pair of cracking new releases from out of Quebec for your listening pleasures this month.  First up is this incredible slow and somber interpretation of “Smells Like Teen Spirit,” THE classic Nirvana hit that pretty much announced the arrival of grunge music into the mainstream when released back in 1991.  Montreal-based singer-songwriter Maude Audet (guitar/vocals) previously recorded a slowed-down, folk and strings-laced Francophone version of this song in 2017, a collaboration that includes notable Québecois artists such as Marie-Pierre Arthur (bass) and Ariane Moffatt (piano, keyboards).  Audet resurrects this cover for 2021 with the same chamber-music approach to the instrumentation, but this time around, chooses to deliver the lyrics in English, under the guidance of her language and vocal coach, Carole Facal.  Produced by Moffatt, and mixed by Pierre Girard at Planet Studios in Montreal, allow your ears to appreciate the subtle dominance of both violin (Julie Bolvin) and cello (Marianne Houle), which complement beautifully Audet’s soft, haunting, slightly raspy voice.  A Francophone artist, covering a grunge track from the west coast, re-worked in English – don’t say we didn’t dig deep to find you some outstanding new music here this month.

Sunfields, “Got Some (But It Ain’t Enough)”

Long-time readers may be familiar with our previous encounters with Montreal-based artist Jason Kent, who first graced our pages back in 2017 when his self-titled album featured in our “Take A Chance On Me” series.  Jason would resurface here two years later, this time mentioned as a touring performer with QC indie-psyche rockers Elephant Stone.  We also discovered between those articles that Jason was involved with acid-laced pop quartet Sunfields, who return to the spotlight with the arrival of their new album, “Late Bloomers,” out this Friday.  It is all too easy to feel defeated in life, and this new music shall poke fun at that notion.  Of course, not everything in life needs to be taken so seriously, and this latest single toys with the notion of the bigger picture, the thing most of us fear and dread; the void. “The main guitar riff came about when I was tinkering backstage killing time before sound-check.” Jason shares. “It’s not a polished ditty. It’s a living thing, warts and all. I purposely left it quite loose with lots of room to breathe. It’s got a toe-tapping, uplifting, anti-downer feel to it, with the lyrics taking a piss out of things.”

Bad Buddy, “Fine Hunniez”

Edmonton, AB Motown-inspired ‘surf-punks’ Bad Buddy share their latest tune, “Fine Hunniez,” released with an accompanying video that will rock your socks off.  Comprised of Emily Bachynski (guitar/vocals), Andi Vissia (guitar/vocals) and Geoffrey Hamdon-O’Brien (drums), the trio commands attention, bringing you three-part harmonic explosions wrapped in a gritty, primal, snarling exterior, as they paint their strong feminist statements drawn from real-life inspirations.  “I think that there is a lot that women put up with that is easily written off…that there are little things that can’t be helped because they just come with the territory,” Emily offers. “Things like cat-calls, wandering eyes, and being told to smile. I have to deal with them over and over again until I just want to explode.”  The music video was shot in just one day, which the trio (and former bass player, Alex Vissia) state was exhausting, but a totally worthwhile experience.  “The song is definitely fun, and a little comedic,” Emily adds. “But people who hear the song seem to really relate to what we’re saying, and as a result, has become one of our most popular tunes.”

The British guy that crossed the ocean and crash landed in central Pennsylvania (to quote Greg Keelor, “And I wonder what am I doing here?”). As the youngest of four siblings, exposure to music from a very early age nurtured my passion and appreciation for many musical genres. Continuing to discover some amazingly diverse and talented musicians based in Canada, I gravitate to live music experiences and remain devoted to spreading the word about such a vibrant music scene.

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