Musings: The Darcys, “Centerfold”

I’m the first to admit that, at least musically, I didn’t enjoy the 1980s so much the first time around.  My tastes were so firmly rooted in the 1970s that I had a tough time making the transition to the more electronic, synth-based pop that characterized the decade.

However, the resurgence of 1980s-style music has piqued my interest this time around.  As we’ve said elsewhere here on this blog, there are a number of Canadian artists exploring this particular stylistic landscape.

The Darcys are one such group.  With their most recent release, “Centerfold,” they’ve made a determined step back in time – retro, but with a thoroughly modern sensibility.  I’ve listened to this album a number of times now (it makes a great morning commute listen!) and it hasn’t failed yet to pump up my energy and mood with hugely danceable tunes such as “Studio City,” “Miracle,” and “Alibi.”  Even slower songs such as “San Diego, 1988” are terrific fun.

“Coming Up for Air” was the first single I heard on the radio – impressively, while it’s a great song, the singles that are likely to follow (I’ve recently heard “Miracle” on the airwaves) are even stronger.  Considering that the group has had to recreate itself not once but several times, this is an incredibly self-assured and confident project.  While I’ve found some synth pop to be somewhat impersonal, this album definitely is not – the emotion and passion come through loud and clear.

We’ll be seeing The Darcys in concert next week, and I’m looking forward to seeing how these songs translate to a live environment.  If you miss the 1980s, or (like me) you’re willing to give them another shot, “Centerfold” is a great (re)introduction.

~ L

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