Video Premiere: Jay Pollmann, “In The Land Of Standing Water”

Jay Pollmann

We are delighted to debut this latest video from Port Dover, ON singer-songwriter Jay Pollman, released today to accompany “In The Land Of Standing Water,” the single he shared just a little over a month ago.  Remember when artists like Mellencamp and Springsteen brought your senses to life with their savvy brand of rootsy, bluesy, rock n roll music?  Good times, right?  Well, if like me, you have fond recollections of rocking out to “Small Town” and “Glory Days,” then don’t miss out on this toe-tapping trip down memory lane, courtesy of Jay Pollmann.

Born in Hamilton, ON, and raised outside the nearby village of Cayuga, Pollmann combines both urban and rural influences into his unique sound, one he describes as foot stompin’ rootsy blues.  Taken from his current “One Day Older None The Wiser” album, this single is one of several new tunes inspired by taking chances and leaving a safe space in search of something more; a feat that Pollmann and his family experienced first-hand after embarking on a full-time road trip across Eastern Canada in their newly-renovated travel-trailer.  Both Jay and his wife Julie captured plenty of footage of this journey, thus making the decision to create this music video as a montage of their travels a pretty easy one.  “I wanted to create a unique video that would differ from the typical music video,” Jay shares. “[One] showcasing the inspiration behind this album and telling a story through visuals from the road and my life.”

Although Jay Pollmann is a relatively fresh name now appearing on our musical radar, his hand-picked supporting cast reads like a ‘who’s who’ of the Golden Horseshoe music community.  Produced by engineer and multi-instrumentalist Aaron Goldstein at Baldwin Street Sound in Toronto, Aaron also co-engineered and mixed alongside Paul Phelan, with final mastering duties handled by Stephen Pitkin (Elliott BROOD, Black Canoe) at Modest Heights Mastering in Hamilton.  The list of musicians is as equally impressive, with album contributions from Goldstein (pedal steel, guitar, bass), Dani Nash (drums), Jesse O’Brien (keys), Carleigh Aikins (backing vocals) and Steve Marriner (harmonica).  Jay is equally at home with his talent too, leaving us scratching our heads as to why this artist is not yet a household name. 

Jay Pollmann

The video footage captures the beauty and sheer magnitude of Eastern Canada, bouncing contently between images of winding roads, forests, bluffs, lakes, scenic vistas, and the Atlantic Ocean; filling our hearts with joy and prompting fond memories of our own adventures in the eastern provinces.  Audibly, the discreet, sole throbbing bass note to open is very quickly accompanied by a foot stomping beat that dictates the timing and chord progressions, as Jay recites his first verse: “Well that long grass is taller / It makes you feel smaller yea / Once was rich in soil now gone / It’s fogging up the windows / Those bug spattered windows yea / I could run and rule the open road.” 

And like those American musical peers mentioned earlier, Jay catches us off guard with an unexpected tempo change driving into the chorus, to keep us guessing his next move, to keep the song fresh: “Roll down the window / Til you’re home / Roll down the window / Til you’re home.”  Small, subtle, yet significant changes that make this one hard to forget.  Just like “Small Town.”  Just like “Glory Days.”  “You don’t have to go home / But boy you can’t stay here / In the land of standing water and sunken cars / You could be that windshield / Or man you could be that bug / Drive all night until you have had enough.

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