Video Premiere: John Pippus, “Just A Dance”

John Pippus, “Just A Dance”

Vancouver, BC singer-songwriter John Pippus releases a new video today for the song, “Just A Dance”, taken from his “Hermosa Star Family Album” from last February.  In my earlier GDW review of this album, I wrote, “Just A Dance is deeply rooted in ethnic folk music. Almost ancient in its derivation, the lead violin theme, melody and chord structure, familiar as they are, lure our imagination into the dreams of lost and wandering tribes, yearning for home.”

This video sincerely reflects the mood of the song, and it is lovely to see John singing it, flanked by his wife, Pam Searle, in harmony.  Produced by Sinead Grewcock, the video intercuts scenes of dancers Makai and Rick Genovese, moving softly and professional, as John and Pam earnestly sing the song from stage.  There is longing in this song that is hard to overlook and once heard, it is hard to forget, and the scene, as the dance unfolds underscores the poignancy of the lyric and melody.

 In a statement accompanying the video, John writes, “The metaphor of dance representing love between two people carries throughout the song.  The 6/8 rhythm propels the dancers together, then apart, then together again.”  “It’s just a dance, this thing we do / We spin around, we make our moves / It’s give and take, it’s win and lose / Sometimes you fall.” 

“Hermosa Star Family Album” is John’s fifth full-length album, and a wonderful collection of folk-roots songs. 

Photo Credit: Don Erhardt

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