Video Premiere: Little Misty, “Alma”

Little Misty, “Alma”

Just a couple of days ago, we shared the music video on our social media pages for “Windmill,” a recent single from emerging Montréal-based indie-folk band, Little Misty – and while our Wednesday video features are typically prepared several weeks in advance (the GDW wheels never stop turning), we made a last-minute edit to encourage folks to check back here today and learn more about this band.

Following the release of that first Live at the Treehouse Music Collective video for “Windmill,” the band are eager to share another installment from this series, this time a gorgeous performance of their new single, “Alma,” which we are delighted to premiere here today.  For Kathryn Samman (vocals) and François Jalbert (guitar(s)/vocals), “Alma” is an atmospheric folk song telling the tale of a little girl racing through the whirlwind of her life – a tale so beautifully told in this idyllic setting, with their musical companions Léandre Joly-Pelletier (guitar), Tommy Gauthier (violin), Cédric Dind-Lavoie (double bass), and Mark Nelson (drums).

Little Misty

Recorded on location in St-Adèle, QC – approximately 55 miles northwest of Montréal – the session once again finds videographer Marc-André Laurin (Northand Films) capturing both the intimacy and the charm of a band happily tucked away in the cozy confines of their cabin. Unlike Laurin’s earlier video, however, we have no exterior images of snow-covered evergreens or Quebec wintry landscapes this time around, so don’t worry about racing off right now to grab your toque and gloves. Instead, we all get to stay indoors, with just hints of the presence of the white stuff from beyond the cabin windows, and become fully immersed in this memorable moment. All that’s missing is a mug of hot chocolate and whipped cream.

The band delivers a type of genuine warmth throughout this performance, with a noticeable organic chemistry between both lead vocalists. The slight lilt in Kathryn’s vocals set against Tommy’s violin provide a whimsical, Maritimes-flavored folk sound, while the intricate acoustic accompaniment from François is rightfully at the forefront. Following the final chorus, pay close attention at the 3:48 indicator on the video’s timeline – and witness François trading his acoustic guitar for the electric variety – closing out the remaining 30 seconds or so with some unexpected wailing riffs – and singlehandedly leaving us both gasping for air and wondering what to expect next from this very talented ensemble.

Little Misty plan to release “Nowhere Land,” their sophomore album in April – and here at Team GDW, we cannot wait to hear more.

Photo Credit: Marc-André Laurin / Single Artwork: Jan Juhaniak

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