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Terence Jack - Never Get Back

We picked up a copy of the 2016 release “Never Get Back” recently at the Philadelphia Folk Festival after hearing a few tracks performed by Terence and his band.  Impressed by our first introduction to this music from Vancouver’s Terence Jack, this six track EP beautifully combines the modern indie-rock sound with some tasteful nods to his peers and other influences.  Hitting play, the opening riffs of “Eastern Rise” lead into the most powerful and rock-focused track on the EP, establishing both an early tone and a willingness for this particular listener to sit up and pay attention.  And while there is a definite Sam Roberts influence amidst both the sound and vocal style here, the musicianship delights the senses with some indie pop vibes of generations past.

With “Errors,” the pace is less frenetic, the guitars a little more subdued, slowing the EP down with a more rounded mix of instrumentation (and some British flavored indie-rock elements thrown in too). Terence almost adds some East Coast flavor here, offering similarities to the earlier music of both Joel Plaskett and Sloan; quite a distance from their West Coast roots.  I was delighted to hear “Want & Need” included on this EP, given that Terence performed this number in Philadelphia during an early afternoon workshop.  With a slow pace once more, the combination of nicely timed guitar ‘rings’ and keyboards with both the lead vocals and chants make this a true indie-rock gem.

The title track, “Never Get Back,” is an incredible piece that closes out the EP. Believing this one to be a little out of place in contrast to the five tracks before it, several listens later and the inclusion and placement makes perfect sense now. Phrases such as ‘mellow’ and ‘anthem’ spring to mind each time I lose myself in this track, a powerhouse of a song that is incredibly slow, atmospheric, moody, and empowering all in one.  Indie rock bands can often take years to find such a signature tune, yet Terence seems to have crafted his in no time at all.  Just think of that emotionally moving song that often closes out a live show, at least, enough to temporarily lower the lights until the band returns for their last hurrah.  This should be that track!  Think along the lines of “Fix You” by Coldplay or “All I Want” by Kodaline; whose inspirations are subconsciously on display here too, and you will completely understand my train of thought here.

It was a pleasure to meet and chat with Terence and his band during their Philadelphia performance.  Having returned west to Vancouver, Terence is currently devoting plenty of time and energy to his next studio album, tentatively scheduled for an early 2019 release.  If the “Never Get Back” EP is an indicator of what to expect, we remain incredibly excited about having the chance to hear the new material soon, and truly hope that Terence Jack is able to return east once again to tour and promote this release.  We are happy to welcome Terence as a ‘new favorite’ here at Great Dark Wonder, and urge all fans of the indie-rock genre to spend some time discovering this EP.

Preview and buy “Never Get Back” on Bandcamp.

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