New Single and Video From Ryan Hicks: “All the Love You’ve Shown Me”

Ryan Hicks

Tomorrow, singer/songwriter Ryan Hicks will release his new Christmas single, “All The Love You’ve Shown Me (2018).” This song was written as a tribute to Ryan’s grandmother who had Alzheimer’s. Ryan’s grandmother recently passed away and Ryan took the opportunity to create the song in tribute to celebrating her life. Her greatest gift to Ryan was being a loving, generous, kind person and one whom Ryan strives to emulate as a parent.

Ryan’s previous record, “Pulsing Colours,” is a concept record of all of the the thoughts, moods and emotions that can come to us at night, and was inspired and written in tribute to Ryan’s stepmother, who took her own life in December, 2014.  (Read our interview with Ryan about that project here.)

Ryan Hicks - Christmas Ornament

About this song, Ryan says, “The song originally was inspired a few years ago when decorating our family Christmas tree. Our tree is pop culture style with nothing matching and lots of homemade decorations through the years. I picked up a decoration and it was a homemade Santa made by my Grandma Jackie. My Grandma was born in Regina, trained as a nurse and after she finished nursing school here moved to Los Angeles for a job. There she met my Grandpa and had a family. I was born in Regina and growing up I would only see my grandma every 2-3 years. Of all my family members, she was my favourite as she was the most loving, caring, compassionate person I had ever met. She taught me through her example what “love” means.”

“All The Love You’ve Shown Me” will be officially available tomorrow (7 December) on all major platforms.  The video – which you can see here today – was shot in Banff National Park.

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