New Single and Video: Phöenix Lazare, “Under the Light”

Phöenix Lazare

Canadian singer/songwriter Phöenix Lazare is releasing her new single “Under the Light” today. The song is an atmospheric reflection; velvet vocals glide gently, yet powerfully, above an enveloping electronic track produced by Jose Castro. With lyrics exploring persuasion and a deep rhythm driven by acoustic guitar, the song captivates.

Phöenix Lazare is an artist true to her roots, unveiling a vulnerably authentic self. Embedded within compelling vocal melodies and warm guitar are the reflections of those who came before her: those who taught her to follow inspiration where it leads. This fearlessness is found in Phöenix’s lyrics – no topic is off limits. With songs reflecting devotion, defeat and even touching on social affairs, she tells bittersweet stories.

We’re delighted to share the video for this lovely song with you here on Great Dark Wonder.

Visit Phöenix Lazare’s website.

Photo credit: Olena Noëlle

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