Single Release: Good Fortune, “Stick Around”

Good Fortune - Stick Around

In a society that has inspired the apt term “hurry sickness,” being present and paying attention is as valuable – and rare – as it has ever been. “Stick Around,” the latest single from Toronto/Kingston-based artist Good Fortune, is a call to choose to truly be where you are.

And “Stick Around” makes its case winsomely. Right from the start, the listener is invited to slow down and relax as laid-back keys, flowing bass, and steady drums set the tone. Kelsey McNulty’s breathy vocals, in a style evocative of Feist and a variety of R&B singers (but still entirely her own), start off, “Where are you going with that long face? / Are you traveling to another world you know can wait?

Later in the song, the bridge brings a bright change of dynamics, as the drums pick up a double-time pace that drives an upswing that preserves the unruffled feel of the song while making the song even more musically interesting.

Good Fortune

While the audio version of “Stick Around” itself is a good listening experience, the video – a collaboration between Good Fortune and animator Josh Lyon – ramps up the feel of the retro goodness even more. Developed as part of the Kingston Canadian Film Fest and set to appear at the Toronto Experimental Film Festival this month, the video gets off on the right foot with a visual opening reminiscent of the 1973 “A CBS Special Presentation” intro (you’ll likely recognize what I mean when you see it). It follows McNulty through a spacey, dreamy, vintage stop-motion-style backdrop that builds on the feel of the song, and serves as a splendidly fitting complement to it.

“Stick Around” sounds like a gem found on a LP from the ‘70s that you found alongside Marvin Gaye and Minnie Riperton records, those often picked up on a lark. I recommend taking the advice offered in the chorus of the song – “Why don’t you stick around a while?” – and take some time to sit with this tune.

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