Single Release: Roslyn Witter, “Letting Her Go”

Roslyn Witter, “Letting Her Go”

Let’s face it, we all have to go through a few “wrong ones” to find the “right one,” and the relationship road can be rough. Luckily most of us have friends to help us pick up the pieces as we dust ourselves off and move forward. What an amazing friend Hamilton, ON singer-songwriter Roslyn Witter must be to have written, as she puts it, “Here’s a big F-U” song in reflection of her friend who was working her way through one of those “wrong ones.”

To create her latest release, “Letting Her Go,” which was co-written with Jillea and Marty Martino, Roslyn describes the situation that inspired this ballad, “I watched my best friend struggle through an emotionally abusive relationship for years. When she was finally through with him, I was really worried that he wouldn’t let her go. I thought he would find a way to manipulate her into staying with him, but he didn’t. And although I can’t stand the guy for SO many reasons, I love him for letting her go.”

Roslyn Witter

While so many choice words come to mind when recalling my girlfriends’ several crappy boys that came and went, Roslyn found a way to put that “F-U” more eloquently and even brings out the silver lining to weeding out the bad ones. Set to a somehow soothing yet melancholic tune, Roslyn offers her poetic middle finger to the person who hurt her best friend. The chorus delivers easy words, “I hate you for making her cry / And I hate you for breaking her down… / And I hate you for all of the lies / And take candlelight out of her eyes / Yeah I’ll never forgive you / But I think you should know…” ending with what I believe to be the most profound release in words, “I’ll never stop loving you for letting her go.” We can hold onto the anger and hate all we want when someone we love gets hurt, but to thank them for leaving, now that is something.

I just love how Roslyn draws the light of hope, “The lines are blurry / But her eyes are on the road / And even though she’s hurting / There she goes – there she goes – there she goes.” We even get to hear the happy ending to this story as Roslyn shares further, “My friend is now happily married to the most amazing guy, so I am so glad that this ex-boyfriend let her go.”

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