Video Premiere: Joan Smith & The Jane Does, “Irrational Anthem”

Joan Smith & The Jane Does, “Irrational Anthem”

The weekend is almost upon us! We just have to make it through one of those painstakingly long Fridays, to punch that clock one final time before heading downtown with that paycheck in our pocket to enjoy our momentary freedom from that daily grind. If you hold the firm belief that the weekend officially starts today at dawn, then you’re likely a passionate music fan that yearns to be free of those corporate shackles… and you like your music a little brash, a little edgy, and very raw, right?  Well, good news – we’re glad you stopped by, because with this video premiere today, the weekend starts right NOW!!

It is truly mind-boggling to learn that three years have passed since we last featured Toronto alt-rockers Joan Smith & the Jane Does – which according to our archives, was a single and video release for the track “Sunburn” in June 2020. Having earned their stripes with energetic and acclaimed performances in bars, clubs, and sweaty basements throughout their home city, the band have more than paid their dues whilst carving a unique niche for themselves in Canada’s alt-rock landscape. The underground scene provides a wonderful, safe, collective space for many independent artists to thrive – but for talent such as Joan Smith, the lure of the surface is always calling, as bigger and brighter opportunities beckon.

With the release of their latest single today, “Irrational Anthem,” Joan Smith & the Jane Does explode onto the airwaves, and prove my point that you can only shun daylight for so long.  This pulsating hard-rock delight is just bursting with raw energy, and is exactly as described – it’s an anthem – it’s THE anthem perfectly suited for your weekend that starts NOW, NOT later, NOT tomorrow – NOW!  Engineered by co-founder Tom Juhas (guitar), the sound is as infectious as ever – perhaps better than ever, as the band entrust mixing duties (and additional contributions on guitar) to Alain Johannes (Queens of the Stone Age, Them Crooked Vultures), with mastering by Noah Mintz at Lacquer Channel.

Joan Smith & The Jane Does

Recording new singles during lockdowns and isolation was no easy task, yet this band thrived creatively during the early stages of the Covid-19 pandemic. And their hard work was not only noticed, but rewarded, with their 2020 single “Pull” earning a placement in the first episode of the ABC original series “Rebel.” Suddenly, doors opened to a world far beyond the confines of their Toronto underground habitat. “It’s probably not shocking that we wrote [Irrational Anthem] during the depths of one of the pandemic lockdowns, but this song displays the ball of frustration and energy in my stomach that was continuously building up and getting squashed,” Joan shares. “Sitting idle and watching the North American socio-political landscapes bend and twist left me wanting to bellow in a visceral, Zack de la Rocha-type way.”

With the propulsive beat and Joan’s Rage Against The Machine inspired aggressive vocal delivery, the audio awakens all of the senses, and whets the appetite for the full sensory overload that comes courtesy of the accompanying music video. Featuring footage recorded live-off-the-floor by videographer Eric Soto at The Cameron House – the legendary Toronto music establishment on Queen St. West – the video (directed by Joan) captures every distorted guitar ring, every ounce of energy, and every drop of sweat as the band crank the dials to the max.

Be sure to pay extra attention once you arrive at the 2:30 mark on the video timeline, and witness Tom’s perfectly timed descent to the stage floor for his thrilling guitar solo. Boom! Slick move, Tom! Excellent editing, Joan! “We couldn’t be more thrilled that Alain Johannes agreed to mix our music, along with feeling inspired enough to add his own sonic touches,” Tom adds. “We can’t wait for everyone to hear our combined efforts.”  Go ahead and enjoy the music video exclusively here today, before its official release on Joan’s website tomorrow.  And if like us, this leaves you hungry for much, much more – Joan Smith and the Jane Does plan to release their sophomore album, “Do Me Some Harm,” later this fall.  We can’t wait!

Photo Credit: Gord Hyland

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