Listen Exclusively Here: Elk Run & Riot, “Animalia”

Elk Run & Riot - Animalia

Available exclusively here on GDW before the album drops next Friday: the new album from Elk Run & Riot, “Animalia.”

Since forming in 2013, Elk Run & Riot have made it their priority to write songs that reflect who they are and where they live. For the alternative folk outfit, that environment is Alberta’s Bow Valley in the Rocky Mountains, whose natural wonders greatly inspired the group’s third full-length album, “Animalia.”

Elk Run & Riot

On the eight new tracks, Elk Run & Riot continue to refine their songwriting with AOR-ready arrangements—ringing guitars, soaring harmonies and heartfelt melodies. Using a live-in-the-studio recording approach, the creative core of Ryan Schepens (vocals/guitar), Andrew Cotter (vocals/bass/guitar), Brian Bailey (mandolin/bass) struck the perfect balance between their finely honed musicianship and the dynamic live performances that broaden Elk Run & Riot’s audience with each show.

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