Single Release: The Secret Beach, “All This Living”

The Secret Beach - "All This Living"

For the record, if your press release tosses out a reference to The Simpsons, it’s likely to attract some attention – proof being found right here, as we feature this latest single from Manitoba-based band, The Secret Beach. So, what was that about The Simpsons? Well, the title of the band’s forthcoming album title pays homage to “the oft-overlooked Canadian province of Manitoba, lazily known to many as either a landlocked frozen tundra or the butt of a joke on The Simpsons (season 16, episode 6), where a welcome to Winnipeg sign reads NOW ENTERING WINNIPEG. WE WERE BORN HERE, WHAT’S YOUR EXCUSE?” (Official Press Release). 

Founded by singer-songwriter Micah Erenberg, The Secret Beach is an interesting and unique collective made up of an ever-shifting group of musicians and co-collaborators. The band name implies that a songwriter is not an island (or indeed a beach) unto themselves, and the contributions from the involved parties go a long way in making this project what it is.  

Curious to learn more, an extended skim through the press release found plenty more bait being dangled – with mentions made to the inclusion of backing vocals and pedal steel from SK alt-country duo Kacy & Clayton (who were featured here just a few week ago with Kacy Lee Anderson’s recent project, The Waverley Pickers), and guitar work courtesy of fellow Manitoban Liam Duncan (Boy Golden) – recently mentioned for his production duties on CJ Wiley’s “No One Like You” single, and who has a new album of his own currently in the works that is firmly on our radar. Their combined presence on this single shall likely be confirmed in the liner notes when “We Were Born Here, What’s Your Excuse?” is officially released – so for now, I’ll let you be the judge, but as this one plays out in my headphones right now, I’m quietly confident… 

The Secret Beach

For Micah, the message being offered by this tune is to never give up on your dreams. “Even if you wish you could have gotten certain things done earlier, it’s never too late to get them done now,” he shares. “That goes for anything – be it in your career, personal life, health, spirituality or otherwise. Don’t let yourself be defined by the person you were. Embrace the person you can be.” A feel-good tune to kick off the summer season – the timing could be no better. 

One of Micah’s primary musical influences was the classic Bob Dylan & The Band album, “Planet Waves,” and the casual, laid-back vibe transitions well during this two-minute affair. There are similarities in sound and style to both The Byrds and Simon and Garfunkel, and dare I say it, cues reminiscent of Boy Golden, Foxwarren, and Summersets (you’ll find pieces on these three Canadian acts in the GDW archives) to give this single enough retro-flair to warrant many more spins. 

Photo Credit: Colin Medley 

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