Cordcalling Release New Single, Video: “Ransomed Felon”


Brian and Denise Conway, collectively known as Cordcalling, have been banging out songs together since 2008. They’ve released two full-lengths, an EP, and singles of wildly unpredictable tunes.  Subscribing to the tradition of bands like Guided By Voices or The Ramones where you don’t need a long song to make a good song, Ransomed Felon amps up the anger meter with each biting, verociously verse sung by Denise Conway.  Opening lines  “I don’t want what the world is selling. I don’t want the lies it’s telling”  get straight to the point. Fuzzy guitar riffs from Brian and Denise’s own drum smacks pulsate behind the lyrics.  When the song reaches the third and final verse, Denise’s voice has reached a coarse, shrill and seems about to break out of frustration.

The recording and mix was masterfully done by Chatham ON’s Ben Srokosz. It is slick, minimal and clean.  The music video (available on Youtube) is actual footage of the band’s recording session, providing the listener and viewer an insiders glimpse to the artists in their habitat.

Visit Cordcalling’s website.

Preview and buy “Ransomed Felon” on Bandcamp.

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